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About - Elk Systems, Inc.

Elk Systems, Incorporated is a group of highly skilled professionals whose mission is to optimize and create the most efficient, reliable and stable systems, networks and service to meet our customer needs. Since its inception, Elk Systems, Inc. has been focused on providing quality technology solutions to individuals as well as small and medium business, educational facilities and government agencies.

Elk Systems, Inc. knows that technology is something that is a requirement in today's world to succeed in business. We have all heard the promises of technology services to be all- encompassing and that guarantee wonderful service and response times, only to find ourselves or our companies disappointed with the service that we receive. We discover that the solution that we are offered is not as all-encompassing as originally promised.

At Elk Systems, Inc., we strive to accommodate your needs. We work to create relationships with our customers. By creating these relationships, we take the time to understand and listen to your needs and act upon them on your behalf.

Elk Systems, Inc. strives to create an economical technological solution to your company’s needs without sacrificing the stability of a good computer system or network and without sacrificing your service needs.

Elk Systems, Inc. is your Complete Technology Solution!


Address: 303 Heck Hill Road, Lewisberry, PA 17339 • Phone: 717.884.9355 • Fax: 717.836.1054 • Email:

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